About Me

Memphis-born and raised, Jim can write about the city with a personal sense of its history, with experience in storage equipment assembly and installation (lockers, shelving and pallet rack), property inspection, building construction, small-craft boating, and Cutco kitchen accessory sales. A published book author, he also has newspaper article-writing experience of over 50 years. He writes to help people, from situations in his own life, and how he addressed them.
He is currently involved in performing insurance loss control inspections.
He lives in East Memphis, with his wife and four kids who eat cat food.
Creativity in writing, photography, videography, music, web design have been parts of his life, as they are still. Indeed, this very website is his design!

One particular avocation is making videos for mission agencies to help them publicize themselves, explain their purpose.
For recreation, he enjoys riding a bicycle on the GreenLine, and other biking/running trails in the city.

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